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10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Furniture

Posted by Watson's on Dec 9, 2021 2:00:00 PM

It would be great to be able to change out your furniture whenever you felt like it, but oftentimes our budgets don’t always allow for that and styles can change so quickly.

But we’ve got 10 tips to help you spruce up any room or furniture to bring it back to life (and maybe even into modern times) - without breaking the budget.


Upgraded Upholstery

Have a couch, sofa, or chair you love, but maybe have an outdated pattern or fabric? There’s a couple of ways you can spruce up these pieces. The first is through a slipcover. You can find covers in most sizes and colors and it’s a simple way to update the look of your furniture. These can also be used for dining room chairs (and help with keeping them clean)!

Adding cushions or upholstery to your stools or chairs is another way to bring in some new decor. 

If you don’t want to use a cover or simply add, you can also look into getting your furniture professionally reupholstered, especially if they are pieces that are near and dear to you or very comfortable and you’re not wanting to buy new.


Furniture, especially wood furniture, can quickly fade and get scuff marks. Refinish your wood pieces to spruce up your space and even change the stain color for a new look.


Whether it be your kitchen, your bathroom, or even your dressers and office desk drawers, changing out the hardware for something more modern or in your current style taste is a simple way to make a big impact.


Looking for that pop of color in your furniture, but can’t seem to find anything (or find it in your budget)? If it’s wood, consider upgrading with a new paint job! This is also great if you have furniture that may be a little outdated and needs a modern twist. And the color options are endless.

You can also use spray paint for metal items as well - such as your outdoor furniture or wicker furniture.


Have some accent tables or bedside and coffee tables that are looking a little worn out? Use contact paper, silver leaf, or a mirror to spruce it up and get more life out of it. Make sure to seal and then wait for your guests to ask where you got it from!


This may seem simple, and it is, but it’s often overlooked. Add linens, such as a tablecloth or runner to your dining table, buffet, or sideboard. These can easily be switched out with each season and with each style. They add more color and texture to your rooms in a very inexpensive way, while also providing some protection to the furniture itself.

Window Treatments

Another overlooked update to your room is upgrading your window treatments. New blinds, new curtains, or even adding a nice accent table or ottoman under the window, can draw the eye in and give attention to your window space.

Area Rugs

A simple way to update your room is adding or replacing an area rug. You can pick one with more vibrant colors or go for a more muted, neutral rug to enhance your current furniture.

Add Shelving

Adding shelving to a room not only brings in more textures and focal points, but also helps with storage and clutter. And the options are pretty open for what kind of shelving you want to add, whether it be in the form of a hutch or bookshelf or prefer more decorative shelves to display your treasures.

Add Mirrors

This is a great way to open up a small space. Adding mirrors make a room seem larger that it is and adds great dimension and decor. And mirrors can work in pretty much any type of room, from your living or dining rooms to recreation rooms and bedrooms.

Updating your home decor and spaces doesn’t have to break the bank. Simple changes, like the ones above and more can change the whole feel of a room. When it does come time to upgrade or add more furniture to your spaces, contact Watson’s and talk with one of our design experts.

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