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4 Steps to Eliminate Pool Algae — Guaranteed

Posted by Watson's on Jul 2, 2019 6:33:42 PM

No algae in pool

Black algae in pool? You're not alone. Keeping your pool clear and algae-free can be sink or swim.

Here are the four steps to keeping your pool algae-free:

Test and balance water properly weekly —  at least. 

Proper water balance ensures the chemistry is right for the chlorine to sanitize the pool.

We recommend you use a pool test kit after any significant change, too — a heavy rain, leaves in the pool, a big pool party with the neighborhood kids, etc.

Sanitize your pool with the AquaSmarte Mineral System.

Use the AquaSmarte Mineral System, which kills bacteria two ways: with minerals and a low level of chlorine – only .5 ppm – for an ultra-clean pool. Better than most pool algaecide, AquaSmarte will kill any bacteria and protect against growth of algae, viruses and other problems that can get into your pool water.

It takes less than 15 minutes a week to maintain – no mess, no guess, and no stress.

Stop feeding the algae.

Use Natural Chemistry to eliminate phosphates, which are the primary food source for algae.

Phosphates also create a higher demand on chlorine, and reduce the efficiency of chlorine generators and equipment. 

Shock Your Pool

Use Swimway’s Non-chlorine Blast to destroy organic waste.

It’s safe to swim within 30 minutes and won’t bleach out liners or swimsuits.

Take out the guesswork with Watson’s Algae Free Guarantee. By following our four step program, you can enjoy crystal clear and perfectly safe water with the confidence of never having algae. We’re so sure, we guarantee it with a $100 gift card.

About Our Algae Free Guarantee

Make sure to keep the receipt of your purchase of the Watson’s Chemical Program.

If you ever get green water, simply bring a fresh sample of your water in along with your receipt. Let us test the water for you.

If your pool water is properly balanced and algae is still present, Watson’s will give you $100 gift card toward anything in the store.

Questions about our Algae Free Guarantee? Call your local store, or request more information here.

Learn More About the Algae-free Guarantee

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