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7 Tips to Decorate Entertainment Center Shelves like a Designer

Posted by Watson's on Feb 12, 2021 9:08:34 AM

7 Tips to Decorate Entertainment Center Shelves like a Designer

So you brought home a new beautiful entertainment center, or maybe you’re just looking to update the display shelves in your living room. 

Now you need ideas to decorate the entertainment center shelves like a pro. 

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Here are tips from our interior designers to display your items for a polished look that complements the design aesthetic of your space: 

1. Start with a blank slate. 

If you already have items on your shelf, clear everything off. (This is a good time to dust the shelf and wipe down your items.)

2. Decide on a color scheme. 

This does not have to be a strict rule, but it will help create a more polished look. You could pick about 3 main colors, or you could focus on 1 color and choose 2-3 accent colors. 

As you select your colors, consider the color at the back of the shelf. 

If the background is a lighter color, focus on darker-colored items. If it’s a darker color, focus on lighter items.

If you have an accent color in your space — like bright blue cushions, for example — carry that color onto your shelves, too. 

3. Collect the items that you want to include. 

This could be books, picture frames, vases, candles, lanterns, small sculptures or other items that you love and want to display. 

Aim to collect more items than you think you’ll need, so that you have options to choose from. 

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4. Start by placing the largest items or any items that need to lean against the back of the shelf, like a frame or mirror. 

Put those on the center or the far edges of your shelf, to create balance or symmetry. 

5. Now, add in your favorite objects. 

If you have an item that you want to display that’s less than half the height of the shelf? 

Get creative to add some height: Set it on top of a stack of books, a box or even a cupcake stand. 

6. Fill in the big gaps, with symmetry and variety in mind. 

Create variety in the size, shape and height of objects on each shelf. 

If gold is part of your color scheme, spread the gold items throughout the entertainment center, rather than grouping all gold items on a single shelf. 

7. Walk away. 

Resist the temptation to to overfill the shelves. Leave space between items.

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