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8 Tips to Clean and Protect Dining Room Tables

Posted by Watson's on Feb 19, 2021 8:39:00 AM

8 Tips to Clean and Protect Dining Room Tables

Some of life’s best moments happen in the dining room -- and so do the messiest ones. 

If you had a spill on your dining table, or you’re simply wondering how to protect your beautiful wooden table, we’ve got you covered.

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Here are 8 tips from the experts about how to clean and protect your wood table: 

Avoid chemicals and wax. Many cleaners contain silicone that can soak into the grain of the wood. Even specialized dust polishes can contain wax that leads to a buildup overtime. A slightly dampened cloth is usually all you need to clean and retain the beauty of most wood dining tables. 

Polish it up with a soft dry cloth or microfiber cloth. Again, we recommend avoiding any chemicals unless the manufacturer of your specific table advises it. 

Wipe up spills immediately. Spills can cause an immediate discoloration to the wood finish, so don’t let them soak in.

Use drink coasters. Whenever you or your guests set a glass or mug directly onto the table, condensation is a risk. That’s what leads to those pesky white rings, as moisture soaks into the top layers of the wood finish. Coasters are a simple and cost-effective way to prevent this.

Avoid extended exposure to sunlight. Over time, direct sunlight can cause fading and discoloration in wooden tables. We recommend you adjust your dining room layout to avoid the table being in direct sunlight, or block the sun with blinds or curtains. 

Avoid putting any extremely hot or cold objects in direct contact with the wood. It can lead to rings, warping and other damage. Always use a placemat or some other protective barrier -- even for pizza boxes and takeout containers. 

Leave your table leaf extensions in place. Most people add in their leaf as needed, then remove it most of the time. However, leaving your leaf extensions in place can help ensure the uniform aging of the table.

Keep your home at a consistent humidity level. Humidity plays a role in the longevity and beauty of natural wood. Lack of humidity causes wood to contract or shrink, leading to cracks. Too much humidity will make the wood expand, leading to swelling or warping. 

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