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9 Ways to Baby Proof Your Entertainment Center

Posted by Watson's on Feb 23, 2021 8:49:00 AM

9 Ways to Baby Proof Your Entertainment Center

It’s inevitable: Your kiddo will try to change the channel on the remote, shove crackers into your DVD player or even climb the entertainment center. 

It can be nerve wracking as a parent and a very real risk to small children. 

So how do you babyproof your entertainment center? 

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We’ve got you covered with 9 tips and tools to safeguard your entertainment center — while keeping it functional and stylish, too.

  1. Anchor your TV to the TV stand or to the wall. 

Hang your TV out of reach with a wall mount.

If that’s not an option, no problem. 

You could pick up a pair of anti-tip TV straps for less than $10. These nylon straps can be screwed onto the back of your TV, then attached to the wall or furniture to prevent tipping.

  1. Clear the clutter. 

Even the most boring item — an empty DVD case, a remote control, a clock — can be tempting for little hands. It might sound obvious, but just move all of the temptations out of the eye line. 

Out of sight, out of mind. 

  1. Add a cabinet safety latch or childproof lock. 

If your entertainment center or TV cabinet has doors, close it when not in use. Then secure it with a childproof lock. 

There are baby cabinet safety latches that can be placed inside the cabinet to keep it out of sight and safe from the reach of your child. 

  1. Install a custom plexiglass shield in front of your shelves. 

Don’t have doors on your entertainment center? No problem. 

Buy a ¼-inch plexiglass from your local hardware or home improvement store. Sand down any rough edges, then attach it to the shelving with clear Velcro tape. 

  1. Add a button shield to cover the panel on your TV.

This is sometimes called a TV guard, button blocker or button shield. 

It’s a removable strip that covers the buttons or panels on your TV or home theater system. Your remote will still work. 

  1. Use outlet covers to cover outlets and power strips. 

Covering your outlets will protect children or pets from accidentally shocking themselves. It also prevents debris from getting into the outlet. 

  1. Hide your cords with a cord concealer or a zip tie. 

A cable concealer can be found at most major home stores or home improvement stores. 

Alternately, a zip tie can help you pull together cables and tuck them away behind the entertainment center. 

  1. Cover sharp corners with a simple corner protector. 

Try searching corner protector, edge protector or corner guards. 

These can be easily stuck to any corners around the house that your child might bump into — including your desk, a coffee table or a countertop.

Just make sure the adhesive won’t damage the finish. 

  1. Use a child safety gate. 

It’s common for parents to add a simple home gate -- baby gate or pet gate -- as an extra barrier. 

Need a new entertainment center that has plenty of doors, so you can lock the TV away and have peace of mind? 

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