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A Range of Recliners

Posted by Watson's on Apr 22, 2022 2:17:09 PM

Recliners, both manual and power, have become a staple of the American living room. You’d be hard pressed to find a home that doesn’t or hasn’t had reclining furniture, and especially, the reclining chair.

And it’s not hard to guess why. Recliners offer a winning combination of comfort, style, and relaxation unparalleled by other furniture pieces.

While many people are familiar with your standard reclining chair, others are surprised to know just how much variety there is when it comes to selection for recliners.


Let’s look at all the options so you can make the best selection for your space and wants.

Manual Recliners

The first and most iconic of recliners, the manual recliner has more options than many people realize. 

Lever Handle Recliner

The lever handle pull recliner is the most common recliner with its noticeable pull handle on the outside of the chair. Typically, this lever is made of wood or possibly plastic. When the lever is pulled, the footrest is raised quickly for immediate recline position.

This is a budget-friendly and simple recliner option that can easily be placed anywhere in a room because it does not need a power source. Just make sure you have enough room behind the chair for the optimal recline.

Pull Handle Recliner

Similar to a lever handle, the pull handle recliner works the same way, but the lever is flush on the side of the chair rather than a handle sticking out. The pull handle is similar to what you may find on a car door, allowing you to quickly release the footrest for a faster footrest elevation.

The biggest difference between your lever handle and your pull handle is in the recline position. With a pull handle, to get into a recline position, you typically need to push your body weight into the back of the chair to get into the recline position. This is not the case with a lever handle where it all moved fluidly together.

Just the same as the lever handle, this option is also budget-friendly with even more accessibility in a room because you don’t need space for the lever.

Push Back Recliner

Remove the lever and handles altogether and you’ll find yourself with a push back recliner. These are great options for those who prefer the comfort of a recliner without the look of a recliner. They blend easily into other décor, seemingly as a stationary chair.

These are built on a sliding track system that offers easy recline motion through pushing back on the chair.

The push back recliner is a great option if you’re looking for a trendy, not-so-obvious reclining chair that will fit into your décor while still offering you the benefits of maximum comfort.

Gliding Recliner

Glider recliners have become a staple of the nursery room, offering a very smooth back and forth rocking motion while also providing a comfort spot to recline and relax. Using a track system, glider recliners allow for more ways to relax and unwind while sitting. 

While glider recliners offer an additional motion function, to avoid any motion sickness and wall clearance, the gliding function is typically locked while in the recline position.

Gliding recliners tend to me more expensive than your staple pull or lever handle options, but they also provide more convenience and variety to your piece. 

Swivel Recliner

Like the gliding recliner, the swivel recliner has an additional element of motion, allowing for full rotations. 

Swivel recliners are great for larger spaces or creating more intimate spaces with the ability to turn and face those during conversation.

Unlike the glider recliner which limits the mobility while in the recline position, swivel recliners can still swivel while reclining, allowing for fully adjustable comfort in any direction (if your space is clear of other furniture and walls)!

Similar to the push back recline chairs, swivel recliners are also at times mistaken for just a swivel chair and not a recliner, which can easily incorporate into your room design.

Power Recliners

As technology has advanced in the furniture industry, so has the options for recliners. While manual recliners are still a great option, especially if you don’t want to worry about power sources, power recliners come with some pretty amazing amenities that enhance both comfort and convenience.

Power recliners can vary by single, dual, or even triple power options. This means they can recline in multiple positions, from the footrest and head rest to lumbar support, and even massage. 

While power recliners are slower to get into a recline position, they do afford more position options, allowing you to stop at any point along the recline to find your perfect relaxation position.

Power recliners are run on electric motors, which means a power source, but there are options that come with battery packs, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly cords and configuring around outlets.

They also offer the bells and whistles you can’t find with a manual recliner. These extras can include anything from cupholders and USB charging ports to heating and LED lighting. All easily contained within the recliner for easy access and maximum comfort.

Because of the additional amenities, power recliners will tend to be more expensive than your manual recliner depending on all the functions wanted. Both manual and power recliners usually be customized for fabric and color choice, making any recliner an easy “yes” to complement your existing décor.

Watson’s Recliners

Did you know that Watson’s has a premium brand of furniture and recliners are one of our top sellers! The Watson’s Premium Brand recliners are budget-friendly, high-quality recliners that come in both manual and power options to make it easy to select the best for your wants and needs.

Between a new recliner for your home theatre or rec room or for your living room or office, our selection of recliners offer you the most choices in style, comfort, and convenience at a competitive cost.

See what Watson’s has to offer for a range of recliners by visiting one of our locations or calling and speaking with one of our design experts. There’s no need to wait any longer to enjoy comfort and relaxation with a Watson’s recliner!

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