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Aluminum Patio Furniture

Posted by Watson's on Oct 20, 2020 8:50:34 AM

Aluminum outdoor furniture provides an ideal option for consumers looking for a lighter weight decorative option for patio furniture at a shop. Aluminum furniture can feature the scrollwork or smooth lines of more expensive metal options while allowing you to enjoy the durability and rust aversion of plastic sets. With high back seating options and bistro-style aluminum patio tables, the perfect patio furniture sets are available at Watson’s stores.

When it comes to cost, we price low on many pieces while also featuring high-quality, high price options for shop visitors, so never hesitate to request a quote from one of our stores. Free shipping is available to select online customers and specific items. A customer in Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, or Ohio can also enjoy access to one of our stores to review options in person and pick-up in store.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Aluminum furniture for the patio can range from a price low due to lightweight and portability to a price high due to intricate details and styling. High price ranges or those with more considerable variation in aluminum furniture is based on the unique style and craftsmanship differences among the product offerings in a shop. What you get is based on your needs.

Material aluminum can be utilized in different ways to create patio sets. Wrought aluminum, cast aluminum, and tubular aluminum sets are all available when you shop around at Watson's. Some sets feature high back seating, tables with a top umbrella, and other unique style embellishments. Others are more standard pool furniture.

Aluminum Outdoor Sofas, Chairs & Sectionals

On the high price range, the more ambitious seating options you can shop for include a full outdoor sofa, chair, and sectional set. Many chairs and sofas in more massive patio sets are cast aluminum, or heavier pieces made to support multiple sitters and a variety of weight ranges. Picture them as the outdoor alternative to your indoor furniture when you shop.

Aluminum Patio Dining Sets

Aluminum dining tables can range from an elegant side table or bistro set to an aluminum-framed table made to sit an entire family. Many larger aluminum tables may feature plastic inserts for the table surface to keep the unit lightweight and portable. When you shop, consider how many people you will be entertaining outdoors.

Aluminum Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor dining tables are an extremely portable substitution for the traditional picnic table. They are great for both poolside eating and day-to-day relaxing on the patio to enjoy goodies from the grill. You can shop for dining tables with umbrellas for added shade or shop for a more traditional oblong shape for larger families and parties.

Aluminum Patio Dining Chairs

One of the most popular items for outdoor living is patio furniture sets. These tables are often wrought aluminum with two to four dining chairs. A variety of size options make it possible for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike to find sets that fight the patio. Some aluminum dining chairs also feature added comfort elements, such as a rocking or swivel option.

Aluminum Outdoor Coffee & Side Tables

Apartment dwellers with a minimum patio area may still enjoy spending time in the fresh air and sunshine. Lightweight tubular coffee and side tables are still material aluminum and make it easy to invest due to lower prices. The items are also extremely portable when you are ready to move. For high-wind areas, heavier wrought aluminum pieces are less likely to topple during a storm but are still easy to bring indoors during a significant weather event. They are also more decorative if you should live in a higher-cost apartment complex with more regulations.

Aluminum Outdoor Chaise Lounges

The typical chaise lounge found by the pool is tubular aluminum with plastic lashing for the seating area. Other options can include Victorian-style wrought aluminum masterpieces that retain their portability due to the use of aluminum. A cast aluminum variation provides a bridge between extreme decoration and the ultimate in portability.

Always consider the weight of end-users of your chaises when purchasing outdoor living furniture like chaise lounges. A heavier weight chair does not always mean a higher weight limit. Construction plays a large part in determining the load a chair can safely hold.

Aluminum Outdoor Bistro Sets

Bistro sets are the right outdoor seating choice for small coffee shops and restaurants with limited outdoor real estate. They are also a great option when you have a compact patio or balcony but still want to spend time outdoors with a guest or two.

Aluminum Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches are an area where aluminum furniture shows off. These benches are often made of wrought aluminum or cast aluminum and feature unique scrollwork to add decoration and, at times, enhance stability. Picture the traditional Victorian-flavor benches in older parks or cemeteries to envision a wrought aluminum bench. Modern techniques also make cast aluminum benches a decorative option.

Feeling sporty? The traditional bleachers and team benches for outdoor sports are also aluminum. Your mileage with patio guests may vary.

Aluminum Hammocks and Swings

When you want to relax on the patio more than entertain, an aluminum frame hammock or swing provides a portable option for swaying in the breeze. For securing during a high wind, these items are easily carried indoors or secured with tie-downs.

Aluminum Patio Furniture Covers

Aluminum patio furniture avoids rusting naturally and is typically highly protected by a powder coating that enhances coloring and durability. By covering your patio furniture, you protect this coating or the outer layer of your aluminum furniture for longer, preventing accelerated wear. When you invest in patio sets, consider purchasing covers to keep your investment in good condition for longer.

For cleaning and maintenance with or without the use of covers, use a gentle warm water and soap scrub seasonally and then pat dry. If natural materials, such as sap or vegetation coloring has adhered to the aluminum, add a squeeze of lemon or tablespoon of vinegar to your solution. Rinse clean with warm water before drying and storing. When you have damage to the aluminum surface, review your manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning instructions.

Free shipping for Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

For customers who qualify for free shipping, Watson’s applies the same delivery model used on all orders. If one piece of a patio furniture set or order is back-ordered, all currently available items ship immediately to help you get a decorating project underway more quickly. Backordered items will ship separately as soon as possible. We strive to provide the best customer service possible.

How do I qualify for free shipping on my patio furniture sets?

Watson’s offers routine free shipping promotions on specific items provided in our online inventory and through email offers. To get the best deals the next time you shop online, sign up for our email list to learn about free shipping promotions and other special offers. If you contact a customer service representative to sort out your order or to get a price low to high price quote, ask about any shipping promotions and get a shipping quote.

Need additional help? Call us at your local store or use the contact us form online to get a callback or email from a customer service representative. Rights reserved.

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