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Composite Outdoor Furniture

Posted by Watson's on Oct 20, 2020 9:49:13 AM

You might run into one outdoor furniture material that you don’t recognize right away. It’s called composite, and it’s an affordable, durable, and lightweight addition to your patio.

Wood Composite: Patio Furniture

It’s easy to fall in love with the look of wood with Watson’s free delivery on outdoor furniture. There are so many styles and colors, and there are some woods that do fantastic in outdoor conditions. However, there’s a bit of a drawback with this material – it’s expensive. Solid wood furniture can get quite pricey, and that’s not always an option when you have a small budget to put together a quality outdoor living space. Enter your new best friend for your home – wood composite patio furniture.

Wood composite is also called engineered wood, as it’s a man made substance. This environmentally-friendly wood-alternative uses the material that’s leftover from wood and other fibers. It’s bound together with a binding material and then formed into the shape that it needs to be for the final product. It still has many of the elements of natural wood, with many unique benefits of its own.

Wood scraps and dust that would otherwise get thrown away ends up transforming into one of the best furniture making materials for patios around. It helps to reduce the waste inherent in the construction and woodworking industry and reduces the need to cut down new or old-growth trees to create patio furniture.

The most significant advantage of using wood composite in patio furniture is that the resin and additives used in the manufacturing process can be specifically designed for its end-use. In the case of outdoor living furniture, the wood composite material is capable of standing up to rain and snow, as well as UV rays.

You may be familiar with wood composite in another part of your patio – the decking. That’s one of the most common outdoor uses for this material, but it’s certainly not the only one.

Due to its construction, wood composite patio furniture is quite light, especially in comparison to solid wood counterparts. If you find that you always need to rearrange your patio to accommodate different activities, then using a more luminous outdoor living set like composite wood makes sense. If you try to do the same thing with solid wood, you might end up throwing out your back.

It’s also less likely to have its shape change over time due to exposure. While solid wood will swell and contract based on the humidity in the air, water absorption, and other factors, the wood composite will display much less movement in these areas.

The resin limits the opportunity for mold and mildew to take root in the composite material, and bugs that traditionally eat wood often skip over this material. You won't have to search all over it to discover them. 

Do you love bright colors or changing up the overall style of your patio? It’s a simple process to choose the color you want or to update it as you’d like.

What is composite furniture?

Composite wood furniture is constructed with the composite material detailed above. The patio furniture may come entirely built, or it could be presented as a lightweight flat pack type of furniture. The exact style that it comes in depends on the manufacturer. It's great for seating and other outdoor living needs. 

Is composite wood waterproof?

Composite wood that is designed for outdoor patio furniture has the right mixture of additives to create a waterproof exterior. It’s also able to stand up to the elements, especially when it comes to temperature extremes. You might want to watch out in high winds, though. Since this material is a lot lighter than others, it could send your furniture set flying across the yard if they’re not properly secured in a storm. You don't want your neighbor knocking on your door to tell you that your patio furniture is in their yard. 

Is composite wood toxic?

Composite wood uses resin and other chemicals during the manufacturing process to stabilize the wood and to provide additional benefits, such as waterproofing a piece. Chemicals that are used in this process follow strict regulations to ensure that they are safe to use in their intended application, such as patio furniture chairs. You can ask customer service to learn more from the shop. 

Is composite wood stronger than solid wood?

In an outdoor patio furniture situation, composite wood is better able to resist changes and damage caused by exposure to the elements. It won’t bend and warp at the same rates as natural wood, nor will it fade in the same way that the other material does. Please remember that proper maintenance is required to keep all your outdoor furniture in top condition. 

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