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Designing Your Space for Kids

Posted by Watson's on Nov 14, 2022 11:08:00 AM

Designing a space for kids can be tricky. You want a room that celebrates the playfulness of childhood but need furniture and decor that adapts to kids’ tastes as they grow. After all, you’re not just designing for a year or two. You want to create a space that will last from kindergarten to college. 

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice fun to make a versatile, long-lasting space for kids. With the right approach, you can create a welcoming kids’ room perfect for playing, studying, and everything in between.


Keep It Simple

The first thing to remember when designing a space for kids is that less is more. You might be eager to outfit your kids’ room with all sorts of special features. Maybe you have a big concept in mind, like an outer space-themed room. Maybe you want to add all the amenities your kid could ever need, like an entertainment center or book nook.

But when it comes to spaces for kids, it’s best to choose just a few main elements like a bed, desk, and dresser.

A simple space with fewer furnishings gives kids more room to move around and play. Kids are naturally creative and resourceful and don’t need a ton of extra equipment to enjoy themselves. Space itself is the ultimate commodity for kids. The more room they have, the more they can be themselves.

And as your kids get older, new elements can always be added into the space.


Design to Grow

As a rule, it’s a good idea to try and choose furniture that your kids will grow into. You might want to consider starting with a full-size bed frame rather than a twin. Not only will a larger bed scale with your youngsters as they grow, but an adult-sized bed will also be perfect for guests when kids leave the nest. 

If you decide to add some other furniture pieces, like a sofa or bean bag chair, try and stick to more neutral or muted colors. Your kids might be crazy for pink right now but that doesn’t mean you should deck out their room in fuschia tones. Instead, go for soft gray or cream color furniture and add some bright color through accent pillows or artwork.

You can also try the opposite of this method and add kid-sized furniture into the grown-up spaces of your home. Adding a child-size armchair to the living room, for example, can give kids a sense of belonging in adult spaces.


Create Zones

If you’re working with a larger space, you might want to try and separate the room into different zones. By arranging furniture and carpeting in particular areas of the room, you can break up the emptiness of a large room and create miniature spaces meant for specific purposes.

Some zones you can create include:

This way, kids can make the most out of the space, especially as they get older. When a space has a sense of purpose, its more likely to be used for its intended function. After all, your big kids could scroll their phones anywhere in the house. But when it comes to finishing that big science project, their personal study zone is the only place for the job. 


Don’t Forget About Storage

Making a mess is what kids do best. Sooner or later, all those toys are bound to wind up sprawled across the floor, so it’s important to figure out the best way to store all their stuff without clogging up the flow of the room.

Storage bins and crates are usually a good solution but can make a space feel cramped. Instead, consider vertical storage solutions. Shelves and cupboards are a great way to optimize space while accounting for clutter. And space under the bed is always a good option for extra storage with the added benefit of evicting any unwanted monsters. 


Focus on Fun

Kids want to have fun. No matter how you decide to design their space, be sure to incorporate some fun, energetic elements that make the space feel like it's meant for them. Yes, you should try to use neutral colors and adult furniture pieces, but don’t neglect to give the space a sense of youthfulness.

Let your kids show off their personality by framing some of their awesome artwork or creating a wall display to showcase their treasures. Use an area rug with a plush texture or a playful themed design for extended playtime. Or, if you have room, try adding an arcade cabinet or air hockey table for interactive gaming that won’t go out of style as they grow. 

Although you should have longevity in mind when designing a space for kids, the room should still feel age appropriate. If they love dinosaurs, incorporate some chic Cretaceous decor. If they’re obsessed with superheroes, hang a poster or even some wallpaper. Just keep it semi-permanent and easy to replace.



Versatility and flexibility are what matter most when it comes to designing your space for kids. You’ll want to find a few star pieces that stand the test of time and keep pace with your young ones as they grow. But it’s also important to include design elements that celebrate their personalities and give them plenty of room to play.

At Waston’s, we’ve got a wide selection of furniture and rec room accessories perfect for your kids. From bookshelves and area rugs to chairs and desks, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for their space. 



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