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How do you Maintain a Hot Tub?

Posted by Watson's on Oct 16, 2020 9:20:06 AM

Many people decide not to buy a hot tub because they are worried about maintenance and upkeep. However, maintaining a hot tub is much easier than you think. At Watson’s, we offer cleaning and water filtration supplies to ensure that your hot tub is disinfected and ready for use. 

Hot Tub Water Care

You don’t have to be a water chemist to take care of your spa. Although, it is important to ensure that your water quality is up to par prior to use. Even if you go a couple of days without using it, you should test the sanitation levels of the water. Tracking and logging your test results is a good idea so you can take notice of water balance and imbalance in your hot tub. 


Hot tub water care boils down to just a few steps

  • At the start-up, stabilize the water
  • Before each use, make sure there is the right amount of sanitizer in the water
  • Keep up with water alkaline and pH levels
  • Use test strips weekly to check on the chemical levels
  • Clean the spa filter every 1-2 months and replace it every 1-2 years
  • Drain and refill the spa with new water every 3-4 months
  • Keep the spa full by adding water as needed
  • Develop a routine for tracking and treating your water 


Cover Your Hot Tub

When your hot tub is not being used, it’s vital to keep a cover on top of it.  This ensures that no bugs or debris will contaminate the water. Cleaning the cover regularly will make sure that no impurities from your hot tub are in the water. Remove the spa cover once or twice a week to increase its lifespan. Allow your hot tub a few hours to breathe and take a break from the continual moisture and heat.

Properly Caring for your Hot Tub is Easy

These simple processes should take as little as 15 minutes per month and are essential for maintaining quality water for the best possible hot tub experience. With our wide variety of spa supplies and equipment,  we make it easy to keep your hot tub clean and fresh.

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