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How effective are massage chairs?

Posted by Watson's on Jun 19, 2020 10:00:00 AM

If you’ve ever booked a professional massage, it was probably for pain relief, stress relief or general relaxation. 

Bring that health and wellness to your own home every single day with a massage chair. 

A massage chair offers many of the same health and wellness benefits, as it increases blood circulation through the body while also relieving tension and stress. 

Massage chairs are particularly popular among people who experience lower back pain. 

Certain models also include features to massage common pressure points: hands, feed, shoulders, glutes, calves, even hip flexors. 

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What to Look For in a Massage Chair

If someone is interested in a massage chair, there are a number of factors to consider. First, consider how the massage chair is powered. Some massage chairs run on electricity while others use batteries. This can impact the degree to which the chair can provide its massage and where you will place it in your home. 


Next, some chairs also have a section that reclines as well as a footrest. Check to see if the footrest also has the ability to provide a massage. Finally, look at the various modes of the massage chair. Most chairs are able to deliver different types of massages depending on the preferences of the user.

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The Benefits of Massage Chairs

If someone invests in a massage chair, there are a few key benefits that everyone should note.

Following a workout, most people feel sore. This sore feeling comes from the buildup of lactic acid throughout the muscles. Massage chairs can break up this lactic acid, helping people recover.

Massage chairs can help people alleviate their general stress as well. Many people carry their stress throughout the body, such as the neck and shoulders. A massage chair can help someone relax.

Finally, massage chairs are also wonderful for people who live with chronic pain. Conditions such as arthritis can lead to significant pain and massage chairs provide another treatment option.

Added Features of a Massage Chair

There are a few additional features of massage chairs in which someone might be interested. For example, some massage chairs are able to deliver heat as part of their functionality. This can help people relax even further. In addition, some massage chairs can provide a foot massage. This is great for people who stand for long periods of time. Finally, a few massage chairs can even recline, allowing people to take a nap!

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