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How to Clean Sofa Fabric with Household Supplies

Posted by Watson's on Feb 9, 2021 8:27:22 AM

How to Clean Sofa Fabric with Household Supplies

Stain on your sofa? We get it. Life’s best moments can get messy sometimes. 

Fortunately, Watson’s has you covered with this step-by-step guide for cleaning sofa fabric with accessible household cleaning supplies. 


Sofa Stain Solution Removal

Here are simple tips to remove sofa stains in no time:

Clean Immediately: As soon as you notice a spill, begin cleaning immediately so the stain will not set in the fabric. A stain that is already set can make the cleaning process much more difficult. 

Check Manufacturer’s Recommendations: Before using any cleaning solutions, check online to see if the manufacturer has specific cleaning instructions. These may also be found on the tag of a sofa. 

Depending on the materials used, incorrect cleaning products may permanently damage upholstery. 

Check Cleaning Codes on Sofa Tag: The tags on your sofa are actually codes that explain how your sofa is cleaned. 

Remove Particles With a Dry Brush: Use a stiff brush with natural bristles to loosen any stains and bring dirt or dust to the surface of the fabric. 

Vacuum: Use a hand-held vacuum to remove any loose particles like crumbs to make it easier for identifying stains in the cleaning process. 

Clean with Baking Soda: Baking soda serves as an effective cleaning solution on fabric sofas. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire couch to help loosen stains and remove odors. Let the baking soda sit for 15 to 20 minutes to fully absorb the stain. After, vacuum the baking soda with a brush attachment. 

Spot Treat with Agent: Start cleaning the fabric with the product recommended by your sofa’s manufacturer. If you are unsure that the product falls within recommendations, spot test a small portion of the sofa for any discoloration before attempting to clean the stain. Follow instructions on the packaging, and use a soft cloth to wipe the solution away if possible. 

Use a Soft Towel to Dry Fabric: Pat any wet areas with a dry towel. This can soak up any residual moisture. Then brush off any remaining cleaning solution. 

Let Sofa Fabric Air Dry: Let the upholstery air dry overnight. 


Steamer Sofa Cleaning

Steamer Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Steaming is also an option for those who seek alternative cleaning methods. You’ll need an upholstery steam cleaner, but make sure that the manufacturer’s recommendations show that it is safe for your couch. Just because your sofa may appear to be water-safe, it may not also be heat-safe. 

Always test a small spot that is out of sight on the sofa before using the steam on the large cleaning surface. Follow these additional steps:

  • Check your Manual: Steam cleaners always come with instructions. To avoid any issues or malfunctions, it is recommended you read the manual carefully before proceeding. 
  • Vacuum Surface First: Vacuuming your sofa before cleaning makes it much easier to steam clean the surface. Without vacuuming, dirt and other particles can get in the way. So vacuum to give your steam cleaner a clean area to work with. 
  • Circulate Air: Use a fan and open windows to create a cross breeze. This can help prevent any moisture or residue from building up on the sofa. 
  • Spot Test Sofa Area: To reiterate, it is important to spot test a small portion of the sofa in preparation of a deep cleaning. 
  • Air Dry: Never sit on the sofa while it is still wet. Additionally, keep your windows open to dry out the room. It may take overnight for your sofa to completely dry. 
  • Vacuum: Vacuum the sofa once more to clean off any dirt that may have been loosened by the steam cleaner. Make sure to vacuum only after the sofa is completely dry. 

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