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How to Decorate a Media Console

Posted by Watson's on Dec 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The best interior design has a seamless flow and continuity between rooms. Media consoles can present designers with a challenge as they try to incorporate the console into the rest of the space. Here’s how to decorate a media console through distinct color schemes, accent pieces, and thoughtful design.


Work Within the Color Scheme

The color scheme can make or break an interior design. Make sure the media console and the decorative elements work within the existing aesthetic. Color can profoundly affect a room's ambiance, with cool tones, like blue and purple, adding tranquility and warm tones, like red and yellow, energizing the space.   

Ask yourself what you want people to feel when they enter the room and work from there. Living rooms typically have a relaxing atmosphere, which requires using neutral colors in your primary color palette. That doesn't mean warm tones are off-limits; use them to decorate the media console and surrounding areas to break up any visual monotony.


Look for Accent Pieces

Get the most out of your media console by adding accent pieces. You can use shelves to store books or video games or convert open spaces into placeholders for lamps or vases. Each accessory allows you to add style without taking away from the television as the visual centerpiece.

Don't forget to decorate around the media console, either. If you have a floor mirror, you can place it next to the stand as a complementary accessory. You can also add a waste bin, a small coffee table, a floor lamp, a plant, or a corner bookcase.


Consider a Built-In Cabinet

If you have the financial flexibility, consider investing in a built-in, hutch-style bookshelf. Built-in consoles let you display your television while providing ample room for storage and decoration. The built-in appearance integrates your television, making it less prominent, especially if you pepper in some black flourishes into the surrounding area.

Want to get more use out of your media console? Add an extendable mount to the wall to pull the television forward when you want to watch a program and retract it after you finish. You can duplicate this “out of sight, out of mind” approach with an elevated alcove with retractable doors.


The Bottom Line

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