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Installation Ideas for Your Semi In-Ground Pool

Posted by Watson's on Aug 5, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Did you know there are three types of pools you can install in your backyard (apart from the common kids’ inflatable)?

Above ground 12 (1)

While you’ve likely heard of above ground pools and in-ground pools, the semi in-ground pool is one that can be overlooked, but can have some really big benefits. Especially when it comes to landscaping and décor around the pool.

What is a Semi In-Ground Pool?

A semi in-ground pool is straightforward, but the reasons one may opt for one over an above ground pool aren’t always as obvious.

A semi in-ground pool is installed with half of the pool in the ground and the other half (usually a few feet) are exposed above the ground. So, it’s really a half in, half out pool.

Why a Semi In-Ground Pool?

There’s a few reasons consumers love a semi in-ground pool.

The first reason is the shape and size of your outdoor space. If you have hills or uneven ground, you can install a semi in-ground pool into the side of a hill and use that space for landscaping or adding a deck. This eliminates removing more ground for an in-ground pool or having to level everything for an above ground pool.

Another reason people love a semi in-ground pool is for the ability to build around and create additional features, like water features, decking, and additional entry and exit points.

A semi in-ground pool is also less expensive than an in-ground pool, but with all the same benefits, and sometimes even more structural integrity and easier installation. Because there are more installation needs for a semi in-ground pool over an above ground pool, they can be more expensive, but it all comes down to size, shape, and what you want to do with it.

5 Semi In-Ground Pool Ideas

If you’re considering purchasing or already own a semi in-ground pool and need some ideas for décor and landscaping, check out these awesome ideas below!

#1: Add a Full or Half Surround Deck

One way to spruce up your semi in-ground pool while also adding convenience for getting in and out is by adding a half or full surround deck. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you can opt for a larger half deck to add some chaise chairs to for sunbathing or a patio set, or opt for a smaller depth, full-surround deck to create one cohesive look that simulates an in-ground pool.

Design Tip: If you decide to build a surround deck, make sure you understand the benefits of the types of materials and maintenance for them. Popular options are wood and composite.

#2: Build into Your Landscaping

If you already have some beautiful landscaping, maybe stones or a retaining wall, use that as your backdrop for your semi in-ground pool. You may even have a small hill in your yard that you can build into and create a pretty cool garden space around.

Consider adding flowers, bushes, or other plants to add color and vibrancy to create a jungle environment.

#3: Add a Water Feature

Because a semi in-ground pool has half the pool wall exposed, you can add in an overflowing or spilling water feature! 

Consider wrapping the exposed pool with stone and add a water feature that flows into a smaller pool that’s ground-level. 

Add some lights to create a real statement piece, especially at night.

#4: Add Outdoor Dining

One way to really create an entertaining space around your pool is to build a bar around a side or two of the pool. Consider a stone or brick surround and then wrap and build out a countertop along the sides you want to create bar-height seating around the pool. 

Who wouldn’t want a swim or walk-up dining area or bar at home?

#5: Build a Patio

If you’re not wanting to build a deck surround, but still want an established area for lounge chairs, maybe a sectional, or an outdoor dining set, consider a brick or stone patio. To make a seamless transition from pool to patio, wrap the exposed pool walls in the brick or stone to create one singular look.

If you want to create a more striking look, consider different types or colors of stone or brick. One for the pool walls and another for the patio. You can then add stone or brick stairs to enter or exit the pool for more convenience. 

Benefits of a Semi In-Ground Pool

As you decide what type of pool you want to install in your backyard oasis, consider the benefits of a semi in-ground pool:

Aesthetics: Similar to above ground pools, semi in-ground pools are more versatile for décor and aesthetics between decking, surrounds, stone, landscaping, and more. 

Easy Installation: They can be installed quickly so you can begin enjoying sooner. Unlike an in-ground pool, which can take weeks, if not months depending on contractor schedules and construction, a semi in-ground pool can be installed quickly, even in days depending on your backyard space.

Durable: Don’t be deceived because you can see the exposed walls. Semi in-ground pools have thick and strong pool walls and can last a long time. Our Radiant Pools even offer a 100% lifetime warranty!

If you’re looking to add a semi in-ground or even an above ground pool this summer, it’s time to stop into one of Watson’s nine superstore locations to check out our large inventory today. Our experts will help you figure out the best type, size, and shape to get you on your way to enjoying summer to the fullest in your new pool.

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