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Introducing an Odor-blocking Pool Chlorine

Posted by Watson's on Jul 2, 2019 6:38:34 PM

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Unless you’re using a salt water generator, you’re probably well aware of your swimming pool’s need for chlorine. You can add chlorine in liquid form, in granules, or in compressed tablets that can be placed in a floating delivery system or added to some filters. 

Of course, it’s not as simple as throwing it in the water and moving on with your day. Your pool water needs to be effectively balanced, with chlorine being just one link in an interconnected chain of pool chemicals. But, with the help of a quality pool test kit, maintaining that balance isn’t too difficult. 

Chlorine tablets are the most commonly used sanitizing delivery systems because they are the most stable and easy to handle form of chlorine. 

The only complaint most people have is the odor. 

What puts the “Oh Lord!” in Chlorine? 

No matter what form it comes in, pool chlorine is likely to have a pretty strong odor. And, even with the gross-out factor aside, you should make an effort to avoid that smell as much as possible. That’s because the culprit is chlorine gas, a noxious substance that is a strong irritant and can be poisonous and even deadly in sufficient amounts. 

That being said, if you handle pool chlorine according to the instructions on the package store it carefully, it should never release enough chlorine gas to cause any kind of problems for you. 

It’s important to note here that the strong chlorine odor you’ll experience opening most chlorine tab packages is not the same as the chlorine smell that emanates from your swimming pool. In that case, you’re smelling chemical byproducts of the sanitizing process called chloramines. If your pool chemicals are properly balanced and the water isn’t loaded with contaminants, you shouldn’t be able to smell them. 

A new, odor-blocking option is available

chlorineThe ClearView Scent-Trific™ tabs offers advanced, full strength chlorine technology that give your pool the clean power of chlorine without the harsh aromas. 

The individually wrapped trichlor tabs give your pool a fresh floral scent, with a stable, slow-dissolving 98% chlorine formula. 

All chlorine slowly degrades over time. It’s a natural effect of the interaction with the environment. However, stable tabs give off much less gas. The more gas, the less chlorine there is to sanitize your pool. 

That chlorine smell is also tied to how fast your tab dissolves. A well-formed, high quality tab will dissolve much slower and give a longer sustained, consistent chlorine delivery than a lower quality tab. 

Scent-Trific™ tabs are formed under 20 tons of pressure resulting in a dense, slower dissolving tablet with a consistent delivery. That means the tabs are stronger and longer lasting than other brands, saving you as much as 25% on chlorine usage. 

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