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More Than One Way to Play

Posted by Watson's on Jan 7, 2022 3:11:05 PM

Games tables are a great addition to any rec room or home for entertaining and fun all year round. But they are also useful for more than just playing games (or the same one at that)!

Check out these alternative uses for your game tables to enhance your space and entertainment.


Billiards Tables

Billiards is a wonderful addition to any rec room, but when you want a change, it’s as simple as adding a conversion table.

Conversion tables are a versatile way to change one table to another. We offer a couple conversion tables that can turn your billiards table into either a table tennis top or one that can be used for dining!

If you’re also looking for more entertaining space for holidays, parties, and more, look no further than a conversion table, which allows you to create a multi-functional space for all your needs – any time of year.

Table Tennis

Table tennis or ping pong tables are some of the more versatile rec tables on their own for alternative uses. This is because they have a smooth surface that quickly becomes a regular table once the net is removed.

Some great alternative uses include kids game tables for playing board games or making puzzles, craft tables (make sure not to get any glue stuck on them!), or even as a serving table for events and parties. Just take the net down and put on a tablecloth and you’ve got extra space for serving food, holding gifts, and more. They also make great tables for wrapping gifts.

And if you want more variety than just a ping pong table, we also carry some air hockey and foosball tables that can convert to ping pong, giving you even more variety for your rec room and year-round needs.

Poker & Game Tables

Poker and game tables are another wonderful multifunctional piece of rec room furniture.

Thanks to the reversible tops available on a variety of our collections, when not in use for card games these functional tables can be easily configured to be used for dining and other needs like puzzling, wrapping, serving, and more.

And don’t just consider them for your rec room, but for a home theater room or a smaller living space as well. In a home theatre room, they can offer additional seating or serve as your concession and refreshment area.

Triple Play

Check out this customer favorite game table that offers 3-in-1, a wind chill air hockey table, a ping pong table, and a regular table top, truly making this a winner for your home rec room. No need to purchase a separate conversion top and you get twice the game time fun with family and friends.

Conversion tops and multi-use rec tables are a perfect way to add entertainment to your home without worry about how often you’ll get use out of it. Trust us, you’ll find many ways that your rec table will come in handy for games and other uses all year round.

To find the rec table game your family will enjoy for years to come, contact Watson’s today and speak with one of our design experts.

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