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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Furniture in Rochester

Posted by Watson's on Nov 1, 2023 9:15:00 AM

At Watson's in Rochester, MI, we understand the importance of having quality outdoor furniture, with over 50 years of experience, we're experts in helping Rochester homeowners pick the perfect outdoor furniture to suit their needs. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know, from understanding different furniture types, proper care, and maintenance, to helpful decorating tips.


Understanding Outdoor Furniture And How It Can Be Used In Rochester

What Is Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture, also known as garden furniture or patio furniture, refers to movable objects designed to facilitate human activities in outdoor spaces. It includes but is not limited to, loungers, chairs, tables, and benches. Outdoor furniture creates a cozy living space on your front porch, deck, or garden and enhances your experience of the outdoor environment.

Different Types of Outdoor Furniture

There are several types of outdoor furniture to consider:


Patio Furniture

Patio sets are designed for general outdoor lounging and dining. Typical patio furniture includes dining tables, chairs, benches, lounge chairs, loveseats, etc. Materials like powder-coated metals, teak wood, synthetic wicker, and aluminum are common. Patio furniture offers lightweight, stackable, and weather-resistant options perfect for small city lots.

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Porch Furniture

Porch furniture has a more traditional, country-inspired look perfect for front porches or back patios. Materials like painted/stained wood, wrought iron, and natural fiber wicker are popular. Styles like wooden rocking chairs, swings, gliders, and farmhouse tables have an inviting, cozy aesthetic.

Adirondack chairs are a great addition to any porch and can even add a pop of color!


Pool Furniture

Poolside furniture emphasizes comfort and water resistance. Typical pool furniture has mesh seating, built-in cup holders, and water drainage. Stacking lounge chairs allows flexibility in placement. Tables with raised lips prevent items from sliding off. And bright, cheerful colors and patterns enhance the fun poolside ambiance.


Garden Furniture

From benches and swings to hammocks and arbors, garden furniture is designed for relaxation in lush landscapes. Wrought iron, wood, and colorful ceramics are ideal materials that complement flower beds and green spaces.


Essential Factors in Choosing Outdoor Furniture

When selecting outdoor furniture in Rochester, MI, key factors to consider include:

  • Materials: All-weather materials like powder-coated metals, synthetic wicker, teak and eucalyptus woods, and UV-resistant plastics/mesh are best. Avoid wood furniture not specifically treated for outdoor use.
  • Comfort: Test chairs and loungers for adequate cushioning and back support. Seat heights and depths should accommodate most users.
  • Style: Choose a style fitting your home’s existing architecture and outdoor areas. Think about placement and intended uses.
  • Color/Pattern: Go for neutral solids, cheerful brights, or nautical schemes based on personal preference. Make sure colors complement your home.
  • Size: Measure your outdoor space carefully. Allow ample room between pieces for traffic flow and activities.
  • Weather Resistance: Ensure furniture is designed to handle rain, snow, UV rays, and temperature extremes in Rochester.
  • Budget: Outdoor sets run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Set realistic expectations based on your budget constraints.
  • Assembly: Some DIY assembly is usually required. Make sure you can reasonably handle the task.

Check out our guide to choosing the perfect outdoor furniture.

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Outdoor furniture couch in Rochester.
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A Guide to Caring for Outdoor Furniture In Rochester

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining your outdoor furniture is pivotal for its longevity. Regular dusting and washing can keep your furniture looking fresh and inviting. In Rochester, it is highly recommended to use specially formulated cleaners for different materials to avoid damaging your furniture pieces.


Protection and Preservation Methods

Beyond cleaning, protection is vital for weather-proofing your garden furniture from the variable Rochester, MI weather. Using outdoor covers can greatly elongate the life of your furniture. Make sure you are choosing weather-resistant furniture.


Dealing With Common Furniture Problems

Outdoor furniture pieces are prone to damage because of the ever-changing Rochester climate. Common problems may include discoloration, rust, and mildew. But don't worry; with a little effort, these issues can be controlled and minimized.

Outdoor furniture fireplace and seating in Rochester.
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Styling Outdoor Spaces with Furniture

Have you ever considered the real potential of your outdoor space? With the right outdoor furniture, you can turn your garden or patio into your very own sanctuary. Check out our full guide on strategies for designing your outdoor space


Tips for Arranging Outdoor Furniture

Fire pit tables, garden furniture, outdoor rugs, and other pieces can be arranged to create a harmonious interaction between man and nature.

Consider beginning with larger pieces like outdoor living sets and outdoor dining tables. Once placed, they can act as the foundation for you to work around. Don't forget to add plenty of comfy seating like chaise lounge chairs, a great choice for those sunny afternoon naps!

Efficient space utilization is also important when choosing outdoor furniture. Think vertically as well as horizontally. From wall-mounted planters to hanging lights, every inch of your outdoor space has potential.


Using Outdoor Furniture to Enhance Aesthetics

Aesthetics and comfort are two sides of the same coin when it comes to outdoor living. You can enhance your garden furniture's visual appeal by mixing and matching different pieces, colors, and textures. Pair cast iron dining tables with colorful outdoor pillows for an eye-catching contrast. Wood furniture, on the other hand, can lead to a more rustic charm.

Remember, outdoor furniture is not just about sitting or dining; it's also about displaying your taste and style. Be it sleek minimalist chaise lounges or vibrant bohemian outdoor rugs, furniture brands offer a plethora of options fit for every taste.


Pairing Furniture with Other Outdoor Elements

Outdoor elements such as modern fire pits, a plant collection, or a rug can further enhance your outdoor living space. A quality fire pit table can be the star of your winter gatherings, radiating warmth and adding a cozy touch. Patio seating can be coupled with ambient lighting to create a soothing evening ambiance. And don’t forget that a brightly-colored outdoor rug can bind together the different pieces of furniture, while also adding a touch of comfort underfoot.


Come by and See Our Latest Outdoor Furniture Designs

If you’re interested in finding new outdoor furniture in Rochester, MI, Watson’s has everything you need.

When you shop with us, you’ll find an amazing selection and personalized service, along with the guaranteed lowest prices in the USA. We have a wide variety of outdoor furniture from the leading brands along with tons of accessories to make your outdoor space complete. Shop online or stop by your nearest Watson’s location today.

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What is the best outdoor furniture for Rochester, MI weather?

Look for all-weather materials like powder-coated metal, synthetic wicker, teak wood, and aluminum. These are durable and designed to withstand Rochester's climate of hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. Wrought iron and eucalyptus wood also hold up well.


What type of outdoor furniture is best for small spaces?

For small city lots and compact outdoor areas, look for lightweight and stackable patio furniture. Pieces with foldable or nesting designs take up less visual space. Round tables work well in tight footprints. Soft curves and mixed materials add visual interest without bulk.


How do I protect outdoor furniture in Rochester winter?

In winter, move furniture away from areas that accumulate snow and ice. Cover pieces with waterproof furniture covers or bags when not in use. For metal frames, apply a protectant wax coating before storing. Always wipe salt and chemical ice melt residue to prevent corrosion.

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