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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Furniture in Sterling Heights

Posted by Watson's on Oct 30, 2023 11:45:00 AM

Outdoor living spaces have become hugely popular in Sterling Heights, MI. The right outdoor furniture makes these areas more usable and enjoyable at any time of year. To help you create your ideal outdoor space in Sterling Heights, let's dive into everything you need to know about selecting, arranging, and caring for outdoor furniture.


Understanding Outdoor Furniture Essentials

The Significance of Quality in Outdoor Furniture

Investing in quality outdoor furniture enhances the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space and ensures durability, giving you a reliable return on your investment. Remember that all garden or patio furniture is not created equal. Differentiating among various furniture brands, their functionality, and their durability will help you make the right choice.

Basic Types of Outdoor Furniture

Typically, the basic outdoor furniture includes chairs, tables, chaise lounges, side tables, and outdoor living sets. Most homes in Sterling Heights can also benefit from cozy fire pit tables and outdoor pillows for extra comfort on chilly nights.

If your outdoor space allows it, chaise lounge chairs are great for sunbathing or just taking a mid-afternoon nap. And let's not forget the classic side tables, useful for keeping a book, a drink, or a plate of food handy.

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Materials Commonly Used in Outdoor Furniture

Popular materials used in outdoor furniture manufacturing include cast iron, wrought iron, plastic, aluminum, rattan, and teak. Each material type offers unique benefits and drawbacks, with factors such as climate, maintenance, and personal taste influencing the material selection.

For instance, the rustic charm of cast iron furniture suits traditional or vintage-style decors as well as it would a modern one with its wrought iron counterpart. In climates like Sterling Heights, however, iron furniture may require periodic maintenance to prevent rustic patina.

Check out how to choose the best outdoor furniture materials for different climates.


The Environmental Impact of Different Outdoor Furniture Materials

Different outdoor furniture materials come with varied environmental footprints. Plastic furniture, for example, uses non-renewable resources and contributes to landfill waste. On the other hand, well-managed timber sources used for wooden furniture can be a more sustainable option.

Every purchase made for outdoor furniture should also consider its long-term environmental impact. As such, investing in quality, durable furniture can reduce its overall ecological footprint. Sterling Heights is a community that values sustainability, and this is reflected in the locals' outdoor furniture choices.

Learn more with our furniture environmental impact guide

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Maintaining and Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

General Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Proper routine maintenance preserves your investment in outdoor furniture. Follow these tips adapted for Sterling Heights' climate:

  • Inspect furniture at the beginning and end of each season for needed repairs. Fix issues immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Wash fabric cushions regularly with mild soap and water to prevent mildew in humid summers. Allow to fully air dry before placing back onto furniture.
  • Apply protective sealants to wood pieces before winter to guard against moisture damage from snow. Reapply as needed.
  • Use furniture covers or store pieces when not in use for long periods. This prevents exposure to sun, dirt, and pests.
  • Bring cushions indoors when furniture won't be used for a while. Even weather-resistant cushions last longer stored inside.
  • Watch for early signs of rust and mildew which spread quickly in Sterling Heights' damp climate. Address these immediately.


Using Furniture Covers and Outdoor Storage

The use of furniture covers can be a real game-changer in the maintenance of your outdoor living sets. High-quality covers protect your outdoor furniture not only from Sterling Heights' harsh weather but also from dust and insects. When picking a cover, ensure it's made from heavyweight polyester. It should be waterproof and have a PVC backing to shield the furniture from rain and snow.

During off-seasons when you're not using your furniture, like the wintertime, it's advisable to store it away. If you don’t have ample space indoors, you can opt for storing it in robust outdoor storage chests that are weather-resistant.

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What outdoor furniture works best in Michigan?

Powder-coated metal, HDPE lumber, synthetic wicker, and teak can withstand Michigan's climate extremes. Seek all-weather construction over non-treated woods. Aluminum and stainless steel are also durable options.


How do I prepare outdoor furniture for Michigan winter?

Before winter, move furniture away from areas where snow piles up. Use weatherproof covers when storing pieces. Apply protective sealants to the wood. Check for rust or mildew. Wipe salt residue from metal to prevent corrosion.


What type of outdoor furniture is best for a small patio?

For a small patio choose lightweight, stackable patio furniture with foldable or nesting designs. Round tables take up less visual space than rectangles in tight spots. Soft curves and mixed materials add interest without bulk.

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