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Say Hello to the Original (and Still the Best) Swim Spa

Posted by Watson's on Jul 10, 2019 3:20:44 PM

catalina swim spas

The swim spa is the perfect hybrid of the traditional swimming pool and the home spa — a complete solution for aquatic relaxation and fitness in a space saving and versatile design. For anyone who wants the best of both water-borne worlds, a swim spa is the ultimate home entertainment investment. 

But where did these unique and beneficial hybrid hot tubs come from?

This unique concept was first unveiled in the early 1980’s by Curtis Swim Spas. In 1985, Curtis was purchased by Catalina Spas, and they’ve never ceased innovating and perfecting the swim spa. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Catalina Swim Spas to bring you a wide selection of products representing the most advanced aquatic fitness and hydrotherapy technology available today. 

What makes a Catalina Swim Spa so special? 

(The following information is excerpted from our Swim Spa Buying Guide. If you’re considering purchasing one of these awesome units, review the guide before you settle on a specific one. And, as always, contact the spa experts at your local Watson’s showroom if you have any questions at all!)

Ozone for cost-effective water purification

Rather than relying solely on chlorine or bromine — the two most common chemical sanitizers used in swimming pools and hot tubs, Catalina Swim Spas use the most energy-efficient ozone generator, from DEL Industries, in combination with the Mazzei Ozone Injector, the most effective ozone injector on the market. 

Ozone is “active oxygen,” a natural purifier. It’s created in nature by the combination of oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet rays of the sun or by the corona discharge of lightning. Ozone has a fresh, clean scent that you’ve probably noticed after a rainstorm. It’s also the most powerful oxidizer available today that can be used safely. Catalina Swim Spas use ozone as a water purifier rather than relying solely on traditional chemicals such as chlorine or bromine.

Why is ozone superior to chlorine and bromine? 

  1. Ozone does not have to be purchased or stored, so you don’t need to buy it regularly and “refill” your swim spa’s filter pump. It’s generated on site and automatically introduced into the water or air. 
  2. Unlike chlorine and bromine, ozone does not affect the pH balance of water, so you don’t need to worry as much about pH adjustments. 
  3. Ozone helps reduce total dissolved solids so the water does not need to be changed as often. 
  4. Because it is so effective at keeping the water clean, Ozone eliminates a lot of routine maintenance. 
  5. Ozone will not eliminate the need for chemicals, however it will greatly reduce the amount of chemicals required. 

100% filtration system

The 100% filtration system standard on all Catalina Swim Spas will keep your swim spa clean when combined with regular water maintenance. The easy-to-clean, front-loading filter and skimmer have been designed to trap dirt and oil while larger floating objects are caught by the leaf basket. All together, this adds up to total water filtration.

Energy efficiency

Catalina’s Patent HeatFlow Technology captures and recycles the heat from natural friction created when water passes through operating spa components. This process automatically increases water temperature up to three degrees every hour, or one degree every 20 minutes if your unit is in use or operating at high speed. This distinctive technology reduces your annual energy costs for the unit by up to 12 percent. 

Additionally, Catalina Swim Spas sport an insulation system similar to a Thermos bottle. That means your hot water stays hotter longer, while keeping your energy bills low.

Ergonomic and intuitive controls

The sophisticated control system integrated into every Catalina Swim Spa allows the user to monitor and control all spa functions, including water temperature and silent air venturis, while comfortably seated in the hydromassage seats. For a genuine therapy whirlpool massage, simply turn the dial and our unique whirlpool system will create the ideal relaxation. The same flow can be returned to high volume hydro jets, providing individual massage that is out of this world. 

The fitness pool controls are likewise conveniently arranged. And, if your swim spa is equipped with a stereo, the waterproof topside stereo control allows for easy access to control the stereo without getting out of the water.

An optional mobile app system for the iPhone allows you to control all functions from virtually anywhere. Looking forward to a hot soak after work? Open the app and start warming up the water when you’re leaving work!

If you’re looking for a swim spa, Catalina is definitely the brand for you. Of course, if you’re leaning more toward a full-size swimming pool or a standard hot tub, we’ve got you covered there too. No matter where you’re leaning, you can be sure life’s best moments start here.

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