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Sectional Sofa Dimensions

Posted by Watson's on Nov 30, 2020 12:00:17 PM

Sectionals let you maximize seating without sacrificing style. Finding the right sectional for your house involves measuring the sectional sofa dimensions and comparing it with the available space. Here's how to ensure your sectional fits your needs, home, and budget. 


Sectional Sofa Dimensions

Sectionals don’t come with standard measurements; it’s up to you to determine your couch’s dimensions with a tape measure. Measure the area of each section individually and add up the sums for the total square footage.


  • Length: measure from the corner of the loveseat to the corner chair. This figure ranges from 8 to 13 feet.
  • Width: the approach applies to width, but along the opposing dimension. Sectional widths are between 8 and 14 feet.
  • Curves: imagine the curved sectional falls inside an imaginary rectangle. Measure the longest length and width to estimate the overall surface area.
  • Other Measurements: measure any coffee tables or ottomans that accompany the sectional.


How to Measure a Sectional

Measure Your Room

Once you know the sectional sofa dimensions, measure the space in your living room. Use a tape measure to determine the room’s length, width, and height. Multiplying the three numbers will give you an idea of how well the couch will fit in the given space.


Don’t forget to measure your doorways and hallways. While you may have room in the living room, you might not have enough space to get it in there. Some sectionals have removable legs in case it’s a tight squeeze.


Put Tape on the Floor

Choose a spot where you want the sectional to go. It should be spacious enough that the couch doesn’t impede foot traffic or block electrical outlets. Mark the spot with painter’s tape or masking tape to visualize how much room the sectional will occupy. Feel free to remove and replace the tape as many times as needed.


Measure the Area

Find a sectional that matches the dimensions on your floor. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, and the measurements on the floor should serve more as a loose guideline than a hard-and-fast rule. If you want to put your sectional in front of a window, make sure the couch's back isn't taller than the sill.


The Bottom Line

Upgrade your home with affordable sectionals at Watson’s. We have more than 300 options in stock, including leather, outdoor, and reclining sectionals. Shop now knowing that you’ll get the best price guaranteed. 


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