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Simple Guide to Identify Different Furniture Styles

Posted by Watson's on Feb 22, 2021 8:46:00 AM

Simple Guide to Identify Different Furniture Styles

At Watson’s, we believe your home is a reflection of your personal style. 

But what is your design style? 

Our design team has you covered with a quick guide to 5 of the most common furniture design styles.

Whether you’re shopping indoor or outdoor furniture, it will help to shop by design style to find the perfect piece that fits seamlessly into your home. 

Shop the nation’s largest selection of indoor and outdoor furniture by style, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA.

Contemporary style furniture

If you like: Straight lines, smooth surfaces, neutral colors with a pop of color

The word contemporary refers to the current time, so this design style will take its cue from whatever is popular at the time. That means the definition will evolve over time. 

For now, contemporary style is clean, simple and uncluttered. 

It features neutral colors (like beige or white).There is often a splash of color, whether it’s an accent wall, a throw pillow or a centerpiece. 

Traditional style furniture

If you like: Rich, dark wood tones and bronze accents or an elegant detail 

One of the most popular design styles, Traditional style is stately elegance at its finest. Think William and Mary or the Victorian era. 

It tends to favor dark wood tones and richly colored fabrics, whether it’s silk, velvet or leather.

One of the signature elements of Traditional design style is the ornamental detail: a claw foot, a button-tuft armchair, a tapered leg or an ornate mirror. 

Farmhouse style furniture

If you like: Cozy, relaxed and warm with high function and a love for nature

Farmhouse interior design is equal parts cozy, chic and practical. Colors are neutral or earth tones, like white, beige or gray. 

One of the signature elements of this using readily available materials — like flea market finds, hand-me-downs or reclaimed wood. 

The old is balanced out by the fresh and new, too, and that mix-and-match approach is what gives this style so much charm and character. 

Rustic style furniture 

If you like: Natural beauty, even (or especially) when that is rugged or well loved

Rustic design style is all about bringing nature in, whether it’s wood, stone, leaves or other organic elements. 

This style favors leaving pieces untouched and in their natural beauty, without worry about perfect lines or color. The space is often filled with earthy colors and warm tones.

Rustic and Farmhouse design styles are often confused and do have similar characteristics.

However, Farmhouse style leans more fresh and updated, like a fresh coat of paint over reclaimed wood. Meanwhile, the Rustic design style emphasizes natural, almost unfinished. 

Mid-Century Modern style furniture

If you like: Clean, simple designs or a minimalist aesthetic 

The mid-Century Modern design style throws it back to the 20th century. Think 1960s or stylish retro, like “Mad Men.”

It is highly functional, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

Materials often include both traditional, like wood, and the non-traditional — glass, plastic or metal. 

Similarly, this style often features a wide range of colors and patterns, including both neutral and bold (like a bright orange, a pale green or a geometric print).

Ready to shop by your design style? 

Shop the nation’s largest selection of indoor and outdoor furniture by style, all at the guaranteed lowest price in the USA. If you still need help narrowing down your style, contact us today.

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