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Top 5 Ways to Extend Your Outdoor Living Season

Posted by Watson's on Oct 13, 2021 1:22:01 PM

It’s hard to believe the fall season is upon us. As the weather begins to change and grow colder and the days shorter, it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your outdoor living space for the season.

Top 5 Ways to Extend Your Outdoor Living Season

Instead of worrying about winterizing furniture, consider these 5 ways to extend your outdoor living season!

#1: Outdoor Fire Pit

Perfect for all year-round, fire pits offer the best of both warmth and ambiance. No matter the temperatures, you’re sure to find a fun activity to do around the fire.

  • Grab some blankets, hot cocoa, and a deck of cards or favorite board game for a family game night.
  • Take movie night outside under the stars, next to the fire, with popcorn and blankets.
  • Take happy hour outdoors with a special cocktail around the fire as you share stories and laughs with friends and family.
  • In the winter, invite neighbors over for a snowman building party and warm up with hot cocoa and cookies by the fire pit!

Watson’s carries a variety of models and styles of fire pits to create quick, cozy, and cost-effective outdoor fun for family and friends.

#2: Hot Tub or Spa

Because of their year-round use, hot tubs and spas are a popular addition to any outdoor space. From a quick soak after a long day to weekend fun with family, a hot tub is sure to get a lot of mileage out of every season.

While many people use hot tubs all-year-round, there’s something about soaking in a hot tub in colder temperatures that relaxes the body. Not only are they great for weeknight soaks after a long day to melt the stress away or for friend gatherings, they also offer a lot of great health benefits.

Watson’s offers one of the nation’s biggest selections of hot tubs and spas. From single or bench seating to small or large, Watson’s has the perfect hot tub to keep you comfortable outdoors all-year-round.

#3: Heat Lamps & Cozy Furniture

Depending on where you live, colder doesn’t always mean freezing. You can still use your outdoor living space with a little extra help from some heat lamps and cozy decor and throw blankets.

Most outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, at least for a period of time. You don’t need to rush to put away, store, or cover your furniture. Consider adding a couple heat lamps and cozy up with a good book or good company on your outdoor furniture.

Of course, make sure you do cover it if you get bad weather like hail and snow, or if you aren’t going to use it for long periods of time.

To make the space even more suitable for longer outdoor living, if you don’t already have a cover, roof, or enclosure, considering adding one, like a pergola or covered gazebo, or open tent. Not only will this help keep certain elements off your furniture, but you can easily add lights and decor to create a cozy outdoor space that can be used more often.

#4: Add Lighting

It’s pretty difficult to use your outdoor space if you can’t see anything. And we’re not talking about adding flood lights. Adding lighting not only illuminates your space, but also offers a warm, cozy, and inviting space to sit or play. There’s tons of way you can add lighting to your outdoor living area that adds either ambiance, warmth, or both!

  • Lanterns
  • Candles (real or flameless)
  • Fire pits
  • Heat lamps
  • Stringed lights
  • Pathway lights
  • Solar lights

Consider these lighting options for different uses and spaces, such as around your hot tub, around a play area like corn hole, around a fire pit, on your deck or in your enclosed outdoor space. Lighting is a simple, yet effective way to create warmth while also extending your outdoor season, especially as days grow shorter.

#5: Cook Outside

There’s no reason you can’t grill all-year-round and outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular for just this reason. Not only can you grill anytime, you can also enjoy eating outdoors with a nice table and chairs set-up. You can keep it casual with a coffee table or even fire pit with table or go for a more traditional outdoor dining table.

Either way, it’s sure to not only extend your outdoor living season, but also create many fun memories eating under the sky with family and friends.

An outdoor eating area is also a great way to entertain without worrying about enough space. Take your appetizers and drinks outside and create stations around your outdoor space, which will leave more room inside for your main dishes.

For all your outdoor living space wants, look no further than Watson’s. From outdoor furniture and hot tubs to fire pits, grills, and more, Watson’s is your one-stop shop for creating comfortable, cozy, and cost-effective living spaces. Contact one of our experts today to find out more!

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