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What Are the Basic Pool Maintenance Supplies?

Posted by Watson's on Oct 15, 2020 2:52:04 PM

Pool ownership comes with the responsibility of routine cleaning and repairs. A healthy stock of pool maintenance supplies ensures you have the tools and accessories to keep the walls and water clean year-round. Here are some tools you should incorporate into your cleaning kit.


Vacuum Parts

Heads and hoses guarantee you’ll make short work of pool cleaning. Heads attach to telescoping poles, so you can vacuum the walls and floor without taking a swim in the process. The hose connects the pole and vacuum head, providing consistent suction that removes unwanted dirt and scum from the water.


Telescoping Pole

A telescopic pool pole, or tele pole, helps you skim, vacuum, and brush your pool. The extendable rod comes with a variety of attachments, allowing you to complete several cleaning tasks. The best models have a fiberglass or aluminum frame for durability and interlocking cams to prevent the pole from twisting in place.


Leaf Traps

Attach a leaf trap or leaf canister to your telescoping pole to snag leaves floating on the surface. The trap contains a basket that prevents leaves and other debris from reentering the water. You can also use the device with a suction pool cleaner to avoid repeatedly stopping and emptying the basket.


Skimmer Nets

Skimmer nets come in two varieties: flat and narrow or wide and deep. Both options gather leaves and debris while you stand on the edge of the pool. The wider and deeper versions give you more space to collect material before pulling material out of the pool. 


Stain Master

Use a stain master to get rid of stains without emptying the pool. Place the applicator on the end of your telescoping pole and attach the hose to a bottle of cleaning formula. Connect bottles of muriatic acid for rust or metallic stains and chlorine if you have algae or organic spots.


Pumice Stone

Remove hard water, mildew, and mineral stains with a pumice stone. The block of volcanic rock works on ceramic and concrete surfaces, as well as grout. Pumice stones are all-natural and chemically neutral so that you won't change your pool’s pH.


The Bottom Line

Keep your pool in tip-top shape with a visit to Watson's. We have everything you need, from Dolphin Active 30i Pool Cleaners that clean pool bottoms to pH testing equipment. Join the hundreds of thousands of loyal customers that have put their trust in our pool maintenance supplies since 1968.

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