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What To Do With Expired Pool Chemicals

Posted by Watson's on May 6, 2022 4:35:00 PM

Did you know that your spa and pool chemicals have an expiration date?

Depending on what you’re using and how often, you may be left this coming summer with some expired chemicals. 


That’s okay, but you need to know that they are hazardous waste and need to be disposed of properly.

But first, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t skip the expiration date and continuing using them.

Effectiveness & Safety

While you may be tempted to use that last little bit of your expired chemicals, it won’t do you any good. One of the reasons, like anything, for expiration dates is the effectiveness. 

Once expired, your chemicals will be less effective. Dry chemicals tend to last a little longer than their liquid counterparts in regard to expiration, but both tend to only last about one year. 

So when you’re planning on purchasing your pool and spa chemicals, you may not need to buy in bulk. A good plan is to keep track of what you use throughout the year to better gauge how much and when you should be replenishing to avoid needing to throw any out (or as much)!

The second reason, which is most important, is for safety. Using expired chemicals in your spa or pool could cause potential harm. Mixing expired chemicals or even ones that have separated have shown to cause explosions and burns.

If you’re questioning, its best to purchase new chemicals.

Proper Disposal

As mentioned above, your chemicals are hazardous waste, which means they need to be disposed of properly and not just thrown in the garbage can or down a drain. Improper disposal and dumping can lead to polluting ground and water and unsafe conditions.

If you have expired chemicals, or even chemicals that you won’t be able to use up before they expire, here’s some ways to properly dispose of them:

  1. Hazardous Waste Facility: Most communities have a special hazardous waste facility where you can drop off or have come pick up items that can’t be thrown in the trash. Contact them for hours and drop them off there where they will be properly disposed of.
  2. Donate: If they aren’t yet expired, but you have too much, consider donating to your local community pool or to neighbors if they can use them. Community pools use a lot and would likely appreciate any donations.
  3. Community Clean-Up Days: Many communities have a spring and/or fall cleanup day where they will come take away large items or those that are hazardous that they don’t want in the landfill. Call your town or city’s waste management team to see if they offer this.

As we begin spring and get ready for summer, now’s a good time to check all your pool and spa chemicals’ expiration dates to ensure you’re ready with what you need to open your pool or spa and have fun.

If you’re looking to add more fun and entertainment to your backyard oasis, consider adding a pool or spa to your outdoor space. Spas provide year-round relaxation, and our variety of semi-inground and above ground pools will make it easy to say yes to water fun this summer! Contact or stop in to one of our nine superstores to learn more!

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