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What Your Furniture & Decor Says About Your Personality

Posted by Watson's on Nov 30, 2021 3:30:00 PM

Personality quizzes are always fun, but have you ever thought about what your furniture and decor style says about your personality?

Check out these common design trends and see where you might fall with your furniture personality.7277L_Candace_Sofa_alt

Cozy Spaces

Do you find you have lots of cozy corners in your home? This may mean you’re more introverted and prefer a comfortable night in.

Create a cozy corner or nook in your home with a loveseat and ottoman combo and a small accent table. Add a tray for candles, a warm cup of coffee or tea, and your current favorite book.

Home theatre seating is also a great addition to any cozy movie night in with the family.

High Name Brands

If much of your furniture or larger pieces, such as a couch or dining table, are high-end brands this could mean you’re a smart investor, choosing quality over quantity.

And of course, that’s important, especially seeing as these larger pieces of furniture are used so often. At Watson’s, we carry a variety of quality furniture pieces for every budget, ensuring long-lasting comfort and exquisite decor.

Bare Spaces

Barren walls and unfilled spaces may mean a fear of commitment. Whether it’s from indecision or not understanding how to design a room, we recommend starting with one statement piece, such as a sofa, loveseat, bookshelf, or dining table. It’s much easier to change out smaller pieces, so find a piece you love and start there!

Even an ottoman, which can be moved easily to other rooms and used for multiple purposes is a great place to start

Natural or Recycled

Using furniture pieces that are recycled (vintage) or made from natural materials may mean you’re grounded and environmentally conscious. Decor for these personalities may look like natural woods and stains and materials that are sustainably made. It may also be the type and color of fabrics, such as linen and natural, earth-toned colors.

The Entertainer

The entertainer's personality can show in a variety of ways in both your furniture and decor. In regards to furniture, it likely seats many and is designed to promote conversation, meaning furniture is facing other furniture rather than creating separation.

In regards to decor, you’ll typically find entertainers have appliances for everything and decor and drinkware to match every holiday or special event.

Simple and Streamlined

Furniture and decor that shows a simple, yet a well-thought-out trend, is likely the result of a very focused individual. They know what they want and they incorporate it well where it’s balanced and not overpowering.

This may look like the farmhouse style or a contemporary feel. It’s not one trend, but it’s a trend well done.

Bright & Fun

Using bright colors, whether in your furniture pieces or decor, may indicate you like change, are spontaneous and creative, and take risks.

For a real statement, consider a brightly colored sofa or loveseat. If you like change and prefer to redecorate often, use the pops of color in pillows, picture frames, accent tables, and other decor that’s easier to change out more frequently.


Traditional furniture that is more ornate may indicate you are sophisticated and enjoy the richness and quality of things. In addition to the furniture itself, traditional personalities tend to stick to traditional color palettes as well, with rich reds and greens and accents of gold or silver.

Leather is another traditional material often used in both sofas and chairs.

Whatever your personality style, Watson’s has just the selection and variety you’re looking for at the best prices to decorate any room with style and comfort. Contact one of our design experts today to learn more.

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