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Pool School Prize Winners: Day 2 (4/27/22)

Posted by Watson's on Apr 28, 2022 3:39:21 PM


Our 36th annual Pool School sale kicked off on 4/26 — and we just drew the names of 100+ winners as a thank you! 

The fun is just getting started, we are giving away over $50,000 in prizes!

The prizes are to celebrate the 36th annual Pool School.


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Enter to win: Here are some of the ways you can enter to win. 

Register for Pool School on our website:

Register for one of our Facebook Live seminars:

Follow us on Instagram:

Plus we’ll be surprising hundreds of random customers all week!


Did you win? Congratulations! We will begin fulfilling prizes the week of May 2nd. You will be receiving your gift card in the mail within two weeks. If you were a lucky winner during a Facebook Live Seminar please send us a direct message on Facebook and include your email, phone number and a good shipping address.  

General winners do not need to take any action. If you do not receive your prize by Friday, May 16th, please contact your local Watson's. You can find all contact information here


TUESDAY'S WINNERS (alphabetical by first name)

$50 Angela Willenborg

$100 Angie Cunningham

$100 Bob/Michelle Ogren

$100 Brandon Haskett

$200 Bryan/Dawn Clay

$500 Chris Grannis

$100 Christina A. Tillman

$500 Chrys Thomas

$200 Claud Campbell

$100 Derrick Otte

$100 Donetta Harned

$100 Gina Duval

$500 Gregory Teets

$50 Hillary/David Brand

$50 Holly/Roy Howorth

$500 James/Corinne Mtcastle

$100 Jane Clemans

$500 Jason/Kellie Wagner

$200 Jay Calme

$100 Jeanne Host

$50 Jennifer Feichtner

$50 Jennifer Sorrell

$50 Jeremy Poff

$100 Jerry Fleek

$50 Jerry Reckmann

$500 Jesse Stiers

$50 Jim Mielke

$200 Jocelyn/Andre Hickman

$50 Jody Ellet

$50 Joe & Kim Soetaert

$200 John Popham

$100 Jon Coil

$100 Joni Newton

$200 Justin Willenborg

$100 Kalei Provow

$50 Kathy/Gary Wright

$50 Katie Collins

$100 Kelli Sterley

$50 Kelly Coffman

$100 Kelly Swarts

$100 Kevin Long

$100 Kevin Luke

$50 Kevin/Linda Hemmer

$200 Kevin/Ronda Krebs

$100 Larry/Courtney Fields

$50 Laura Fromm

$200 Linda Means

$200 Lisa/Shelby Bradley

$100 Liz Caudill

$500 Lonnie Campbell

$50 Mary Current

$50 Mary Scott

$200 Mary Steve Minnish

$200 Matthew Hall

$50 Michelle Holmes

$50 Mona Rhoads

$200 Nancy/Sam Sutton

$100 Nick Annerino

$50 Nicole Lecher

$50 Patricia Sams

$50 Patrick H Miller

$50 Rachael Levine

$500 Rachael Levine

$100 Reginald Turner

$200 Rich & Daphnia Johnson

$50 Rick Cantrell

$50 Ronald M. Or Ba Stuitje

$100 Ronald/Sarah Steimel

$200 Scott/Colleen Befus

$100 Shannon Norton

$50 Sharon Reid

$50 Sheila Harris

$50 Skip/Joyce Mansfield

$50 Tami Skelly

$500 Teresa Anderson

$50 Tiffany Jennings

$100 Tom Alexander

$200 Tom/Laura Wolfram

$100 Trace Mayer

$500 Tracey Robrahn

Here were the Facebook Live Seminar winners! 
1PM Seminar:

$50: Brian Thomas

$50: Rhonda Efaw

$100: Keri Lynn

$100: Aisha Miller

$200: Jill Clayton

$200: Matt Webster

$500: Dwain Uetrecht 

7pm Seminar:

$50: Crystal Fox

$50: John Keller

$100: Dawn Wick

$100: Steven Worch

$200: Mike Jackson

$200: Joyce Mansfield

$500: Brooke Popp



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