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Creating the Perfect All-Season Outdoor Oasis

Posted by Watson's on Oct 27, 2021 12:09:10 PM

Colder weather doesn’t mean you need to pack everything in right away (or even at all)! Take advantage of your outdoor space all year round with the perfect all-season oasis.

hot springs

Not sure how to create this space in your backyard or outdoor space? Check out the following ideas we’ve put together to let the fun with family, friends, and neighbors continue.

Add a Heat Source

Fire Pits

There’s a variety of ways you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, even in the colder fall and winter months.

The quickest way to warm up your outdoor oasis for everyone is by adding a fire pit. Whether you prefer the convenience and efficiency of a gas-burning pit or enjoy the soothing crackling from a wood-burning pit, there’s a fire pit that can fit any outdoor decor and space. Fire pits add both warmth and ambiance to any outdoor oasis.

Watson’s carries a variety of fire pits from rectangle, square or round units to functional fire pits that can convert between a table and open fire pit to fit any need.

Hot Tubs & Spas

Looking for a more relaxing and intimate heat source? Consider a hot tub or spa to add to your oasis. Perfect all year round, hot tubs offer everything from health benefits to family fun. Hop in after dinner for an evening soak which will help you sleep better at night or relax your muscles after a good workout. There’s nothing better than enjoying a calm winter’s night in the comfort of a hot tub.

Watson’s carries everything from plug n’ play hot tubs to bench and lounge-style spas. From one or many seating arrangements, we have just the fun addition to your outdoor oasis to make the most out of every season! You can check out great landscaping tips for hot tubs here!

Want to take your oasis up a notch? Consider creating an outdoor living oasis with an outdoor fireplace and hot tub combo!

Heater Stands

Not able to invest yet in a fire pit or hot tub? An efficient and inexpensive way to heat up your oasis is through heater stands. Add one or two (depending on the size of space you’re trying to warm) to keep friends and family toasty warm while still enjoying the outdoors.

Add Comfortable (and Weather Appropriate) Seating

No one wants to sit on cold metal or acrylic in the fall or wintertime. When looking for seating for your all-season oasis, make sure to consider your temperatures year-round and select furniture that will be comfortable all year round.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way in regards to design, fabric, and decor. It’s easier now than ever to create an outdoor living space that feels like an extension of the interior of your home.

Consider your seating arrangement and how many people you may want to seat. Outdoor spaces are great for overflow guests during parties and holidays, so consider those events when deciding on how many seats you want. A sectional or loveseat is inviting if you have the space. Add some outdoor blankets and pillows to create a cozy place to relax.

Can’t afford a new seating set quite yet? If you have metal or uncomfortable cold weather furniture, add pillows and cushions. This not only adds comfort but adds color and texture to your space as well.

Guard Against the Elements

The fall and winter months can make it difficult to be outside against the elements. Falling leaves, cold winds, and even light flurries can be a deterrent from heading outside. To create an outdoor oasis to enjoy all year round, consider a pergola or enclosed structure to keep those cold and bothersome elements out.

A pergola with curtains is a great way to keep the elements out during colder or windy weather yet can be opened up during the warmer or calmer weather to enjoy the scenery.

An enclosed structure can easily be built or purchased. Recycled pallets or fencing can be used to create a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed area to house your oasis. These structures also allow for the addition of decor and lighting. Hang string lights from your pergola or add greenery with hanging plants and flowers for color year-round.

A more natural barrier to the elements would be the plant bushes or trees close together. While these don’t offer protection from above, combining an open pergola with bushes can be a great way to get protection all around.

A less expensive way to guard against the elements is to consider a privacy screen. You can purchase however many you need and they can also provide some decor and texture to your oasis. Be sure to check out our furniture care products and outdoor storage options to keep your outdoor oasis clean and provide a safe place to store decor during the snowy winter months.

Add Decor

To create the perfect outdoor oasis, you don’t want to miss out on the details.

From an outdoor rug to path lighting and pillows, adding small, but noticeable touches can turn any outdoor space from outdated to an oasis. Decor ideas to consider adding include:

  • Curtains
  • Lighting (string lights, lanterns, candles, etc.)
  • Cushions and pillows
  • Outdoor rugs
  • Potted or hanging plants
  • Decorative stones
  • Accent tables
  • Small water feature (for warmer months)
  • Poufs or ottomans
  • Outdoor blankets

Whether you have a large or small space, creating an outdoor oasis can be achieved with some creativity and help from our experts at Watson’s!

Don’t hibernate this winter. Consider creating a warm outdoor oasis that can be useful all year round!

Contact Watson’s today to learn about our wide selection of outdoor furniture, fire pits, and hot tubs and to get additional ideas to add to your outdoor oasis!

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